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EMS - Three strongly recommended reading resources:
Rural Rescue and Emergency Care
Farm Accident Rescue
First on the Scene

Internet Resources

Journal of Rural Health - Emergency Medical Services - Subject Index 1985 through 1998.
Journal of Rural Health - Rural Emergency Medical Services: Patients, Destinations, Times and Services.
Center for Rural Emergency Medicine -
Resource Center - The Resource Center is a one-stop, comprehensive source of reference books, training manuals, instructional packages, video tapes and other resources for literally all areas of fire, life safety and emergency management community.
Emergency Medical Services: Agenda for the Future: Available through The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration -
Emergency Medicine and Primary Care -- Good review of x-rays, EKG’s and Pearls.
Illinois Rural Health Association Emergency Medical Delphi Study - Analysis of issues affecting Rural EMS systems.


Rural Farmedic Course - Farmedic is an education system to train rescue workers for proper response to rural accidents. This includes: Instructor Course; Provider Course; First on Scene; Silo Rescue and Fire Fighting Awareness; and Agricultural Chemicals.
Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service NRAES Publications List - Farm Safety


911 Fire, Police, Medical Emergency Systems - Training research and documents worldwide. (Fire and Emergency site)
Fire Program - Oklahoma State University - The purpose of this web server is to encourage exchanging information with the public while exploring new technology.
The International Society of Fire Service Instructors - Source of books, training manuals for fire, life safety and emergency management.


Federal Emergency Management Agency: Preparing for a Disaster Resource for Government Programs.


Prehospital Emergency Care -
National Association of EMS Physicians
NAEMSP Links to other Web Pages


Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute -- Excellent curriculum under development for prehospital rescue.



Emergency Medical Services for Children